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VW Campervan Conversion Process in building a custom camper van is much like building a new home. There are lots of decisions and choices to be made.
We work closely with you throughout the project to create your perfect camper van.
Our open communication policy is an integral part of building a relationship throughout the process.

Initial intro-

After you contact us one of our staff will reach out to set up an introduction meeting and arrange a price package to be sent directly to you. During this meeting we are able to get a general scope of your conversion and provide a ballpark estimate of the work to be done with any additional extras you may like to add

At this point a suitable date will be agreed and a £500 deposit is required at this point to secure you building slot.
This will be deducted from the cost of your conversion.
If we are sourcing a vehicle for you, all details will be discussed at this point. On arrival of your sourced vehicle and after inspection, payment for the vehicle will need to be made before conversion commences.

Design meeting-
Our next meeting will be a one hour consultation where we go through every part and detail of your project. This usually takes place around 4-6 wks before your build date.
The virtual builder on our website allows you to explore some of our finishes and colour combinations, these plans can be printed or emailed to us prior to your design consultation so that we can get a feel for your individual taste.
All physical samples and finishes are available on consultation, so your interior choices and exterior additions can be finalised.
A design and price specification sheet can be issued on completion of our meeting and from here we will be able to provide you with an accurate final price for your build.

Build start date-
On average it takes 3-4 weeks to build a custom van, dependant on your choices. As we get closer to the completion date we will work with you to schedule a pick up date for your vehicle.
Once the vehicle is with us onsite, you have peace of mind that your vehicle is it is covered by our Motor trader Policy.

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New-camper van Day-
Please plan to spend a couple hours with us to walk through your new van and the systems installed. Our intention is to send you off prepared. Along with this demonstration you will receive a handover pack which will include warranties, manuals and certification. Any remaining balance will need to be paid in full before leaving our premises.

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